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Sorka Hanrahan (first)

Nara (First Pass/Interval)

Nara (Second Interval)

Cisca (Third Pass)

Leri (Sixth Pass)

Moreta (Sixth Pass)

Mardra (Eight Pass/Ninth Pass)
Margatta (current)


Torene Ostrovsky (first)

Salina (Second Interval/Third Pass)

Tullea (Third Pass)

Carola (Eighth Interval)

Jora (Eighth Interval)
Lessa (current)


Lina (Third Pass) Bedella

Palla (current)


Dalia (Third Pass)

Cosira (current)




High Reaches

Sonia (Third Pass)


Neldama (current)

Southern Kylara (first)
Mardra or Merika
Adrea (current)
Monaco Bay
(formerly Eastern)
Talina (first)

The Weyrwoman is the domestic head of the Weyr and the female counterpart to the Weyrleader. A Weyrwoman is expected to manage whatever tasks amount to the upkeep of a productive Weyr. The Weyrwoman is always bound to a golden Queen, with the acting Weyrwoman and her queen known as the Senior pair. A Weyr can have many Junior Weyrwoman who assist and learn under the lead of the current one. Unlike the Weyrleader, a Weyrwoman is a relatively stable position, the outcome of their future is decided on the hatching sands rather than through a mating flight. A Weyrwoman is expected to step down if their Queen dies or is no longer able to mate. As in the case of the Weyrleader it is difficult to remove an incompetent Weyrwoman, even more so since only infertility or death of the Queen demands the retirement of the current Weyrwoman. In addition to receiving aid from the junior pairs the Weyrwoman is also aided by the Headwoman of the Weyr.

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