The Weyrwoman is the domestic head of the Weyr and the female counterpart to the Weyrleader. Weyrwomen are always riders of the golden Queens.

Role and Responsibilities

A healthy weyr will typically have several Weyrwomen, one being the senior Weyrwoman and one or more junior weyrwomen. Unlike the Weyrleader position, the Weyrwoman position is relatively stable. Weyrwomen are chosen when they impress a Queen dragon on the hatching grounds. They typically serve until either they or their queen dies, or when their Queen fails to rise to mate. For this reason, it is difficult to remove an incompetent weyrwoman. The Weyrwoman is expected to manage all tasks relating to the upkeep of a productive weyr. They are assisted in these duties by the junior weyrwoman and the Weyr's Headwoman.

In the event that a senior weyrwoman needs to be chosen or replaced, there appear to be at least two known methods. In the first, the most senior of the remaining junior weyrwomen becomes the new senior Weyrwoman. Occasionally, however, the new Weyrwoman is chosen based on which junior queen in a weyr rises to mate first. The second method is often seen in cases where a new weyr is being formed, as it is considered the most fair.

Known Weyrwomen

High Reaches
Monaco Bay
(formerly Eastern)

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