The Weyrleader is the military head of the Weyr. They are always riders of Bronze dragons.

Role and Responsibilities

While a weyr can have multiple Weyrwoman, one senior and several junior, each weyr has only one Weyrleader. The position is dependent on the outcome of the senior Queen's mating flight; the weyrleader is the rider of whichever dragon flies the Queen. This typically limits the position to riders of Bronze dragons, as they are the only males with the stamina to compete for the Queen over a long mating flight. In order to remain in power, the Weyrleader's dragon must continue to fly the Queen for each successive mating flight. Should a different dragon fly the queen, the change in leadership happens immediately without question. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent an incompetent weyrleader from assuming the position if their dragon legitimately flies the Queen.

As the military head of the weyr, Weyrleaders are primarily responsible for combating the threat of Thread. During a pass, they are responsible for leading the weyr during Threadfalls. When not flying thread, they ensure that the weyr remains prepared through training. They also assign regular responsibilities, such as patrols and Searches. They also represent the Weyr in interactions with Holds, Crafts, and other Weyrs, though the Weyrwoman can perform this task as well.

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