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The Weyrleader is the military head of the Weyr and there is only one Weyrleader for each weyr. The position of Weyleader is dependent upon the outcome of Queen's mating flight. The Weyrleader is always the rider of whichever dragon flies the Queen. Typically, they are usually the riders of Bronze dragons since Browns often cannot compete for long in mating flights with the larger, stronger Bronzes. The interval and tenure of a Weyrleader's leadership is only as long as the next mating flight. To stay in power, a Weyrleader's dragon must fly the Queen each time she rises to mate. If the Weyrleader's dragon fails to fly the queen then the current Weyrleader steps down to the new one without question. Unfortunately, as in the case of the Weyrwoman, there is no way to prevent an incompetent weyrleader from assuming the position if their dragon legitimately flies the Queen.

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