Weaver: On a while field, a loom in lavender
Tailor: on a while field a nettle stick out a lavender spool
Hall Information
Continent Southern
Era Founded After Landing



After Landing and before the Second Crossing

Last crop at Landing of cotton, that was used after the move north. During the move to the new hold, Mairi, got it out, to helped the gals hurt teams, along sheep skin,

And said that they didn't have the big loom set up yet, during the door of Ruatha Hold.

Sixth Pass

This is were the Fort Hold bloodline pattern came from, very proud of it work on the looms, only

Eight Interval- Ninth Pass

Masterweaver Zurg notes a tapestry he once saw at Ruatha Hold depicting people using flamethrowers. The bronze shade now lost to them, Lord Warder Lytol comes from this craft, via High Reaches Hold

There was a shipment from the hall, that


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