After Landing, first year

This is a native animal, some of them are eatable but when the Out and About, Porrig Connell leader trapped, skinned, and grilled some, he took one bite end up washing out his mouth, for it started to swell, he gave the order to kill them, once the had dogs to go down the holes to get them, after Sean Connell impress his two browns, he was put to watching the babies, after a blue molted one took a bite out then.

First Interval - Second Pass

Iantine and the woodman he stay with, survived eating them, while waiting out the first storm in Bitra Hold after finishing his contract with then Lord Holder.

Second Interval - Third Pass

Fiona used to trap them, she warned them about at Igen Weyr, and Nuelsk was killed by a bite from one.

Far Western Continent

Eight Interval - Ninth Pass

Its was how K'van earned marks, and Pell would boast about they are good eating, that he caught so many in Igen Caverns and in woods in Lemos Hold, they were used by many folks while traveling.


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