Torene Ostrovsky
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Weyrwoman
Dragon gold Alaranth
Era First Pass
First Interval
Affiliation Karachi Camp
Telgar Hold
Fort Weyr
Benden Weyr
Spouse M'hall Weyrmate
Parent(s) Volodya Ostrovsky
Sonja Ostrovsky
Siblings Many unnmaed
First appearance Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
Notable appearance Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

BlankHold Telgar Shield Miner Fort Weyr Shield Benden Weyr Shield


Torene Ostrovsky was born six year after Landing. She had a loving childhood with her geologist parents, especially Volodya Ostrovsky, her mother,[1] who was a great storyteller for her and her siblings.

Impression and leading up to the Second Weyr

Eventually, she impresses a queen of Faranth's clutch. She was congratulated by Paul Benden, who was escorted by one of his sons and M'hall. The hatchling, Alaranth, grows well and eventually becomes the largest queen on Pern, practically double the size of her dam, Faranth.

Because Fort Weyr at the time houses over 2,000 dragons, the younger riders are in very cramped quarters, and Torene in particular sleeps right next to her queen; although she tells Sorka, then senior Weyrwoman, that she would «like to have more space», Torene declines to find more space in the Weyrs of other bronze riders, treating all of them with equanimity.

After her impassionate appeal to Sorka for a new Weyr to be started in a crater found on the East Coast is overheard by Weyrleader Sean, Torene is heartened to learn that maybe such plans are in the offing, and gladly produces some geological survey plans of the area that her parents supplied her with.[2]

Shortly thereafter, Sean announces that four Weyrs will be formed, and while people are to draw lots on where they will be assigned, it becomes apparent that this «public display of fair choice» is Sean's way of making sure that Torene, whose Alaranth will definitely be the next queen to rise, will be Weyrwoman at the Weyr on the East coast. Although Sean isn't a big fan of Torene's forthright nature, he believes her ability to hear all dragons, like Sorka can, is an advantage.

Benden Weyr

Shortly after the creation of Benden Weyr, Alaranth rises to mate and is caught, almost instantly, by bronze Brianth. Although Torene did not know this, Brianth's rider, M'hall, had been bowled over by her ever since he saw her impress Alaranth, and only stayed away from her because, as Sean had warned him away from the queenriders of Fort, so as to prevent one dragon siring too many clutches.

Torene is described as being unconsciously beautiful as well as kind-hearted and artless. In Dragonflight, F'lar praises Lessa by comparing her to Torene, «one of our greatest Weyrwomen». It is however to be noted that F'lar says Torene came from Ruatha, whereas in The Second Weyr, her parents are geologists settled near Telgar Hold.

Appearance and personality

She had short black hair, long eyelashes and she could hear all dragons.



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