Vital statistics
Title Holder
Gender Male
Rank Student
Staff Member
Era First Pass
First Interval
Affiliation Benden Hold
Spouse Emorra
Parent(s) Purman
Children One unnamed son
Fire-lizard(s) Brown Grenn
First appearance Dragonsblood
Notable appearance Dragonsblood

Benden ShieldHarper


He was born in Benden Hold, and like playing with the watch-wher who instinctive reacted, to this by attack him, confused for he handler impressed a dragon at Benden Weyr.

He was taken to College.

On the night that Sorka Hanrahan, died a Thunderstorm, and a flash of lighting and the two fire lizards, came out of between, over the Drum Tower, Gold Garth died, and only Grenn survived.

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