Theo Force
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonists
Shuttle Pilot
Era First Pass
Affiliation Monaco Bay Stake
Fort Hold
Spouse Jim Tillek
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Dolphineer BlankHold Fort Shield


She was a shuttle pilot, before becoming a dolphineer, and she let one of Sled Squadron Leaders during fall.

Second Crossing

After the black squall Basil Tomlinson, Corazon Cervantes, and Beth Eagles, answered Jim Tillek Mayday after the black squall hit his section, Theo Force told them about him, after Dart told on her.

Family is Jim Tillek and One unnamed child. Working partner is Dart

One reason why Jim Tillek would not bring out the Southern Cross out of the water cave.

Personality and traits

Her body shows the scrapes and such, the result of brushing against tough dolphin hide, she was in her mid third decade.


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