The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall is a collection of short stories first published in October 1993 by Anne McCaffrey. It is one of two collections in the Dragonriders of Pern series, the other being A Gift of Dragons.

The Collection

The stories contained within First Fall are united primarily by their setting. The stories are not contiguous to each other, but rather cover a variety of events both prior to the colonization of Pern and throughout the first few decades following arrival on Pern. The stories mostly concern the exodus of the colonists from the Southern Continent following the first appearance of Thread.

The P.E.R.N. Survey

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Many years before the colonization of Pern, an Exploration and Evaluation Corps team arrive to assess Rukbat's third planet. Their numbers decimated by disastrous visits to previous planets, the survey team now consists of only four members: Shavva, Ben, Liu, and Castor. After sending down probes - which send back images of curious circles on the planet's surface - three of the four descend to the planet's surface, with Castor remaining on the ship due to a broken leg.

The survey team landed on the Southern Continent and began to explore the lush landscape, which came to remind them of Earth as it appeared in historical vid tapes. Although Nexialist Liu expresses some worry over the apparent lack of large life forms, the general assessment of the planet is overwhelmingly positive, with an apparently rich ecosystem and mineral resources - notably diamonds. The team returns to the ship, and the survey of the planet leads to its designation as "P.E.R.N. - C." – Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible; fit for Colonization.

The Dolphins' Bell

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The Ford of Red Hanrahan

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The Second Weyr

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Rescue Run

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