Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Telgar Hold
Spouse Not Mention in Books
Children Thella
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern
Notable appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Telgar Shield


He let his first born, Thella, do what she like and took her when he made the rounds of his Hold, he didn't name her as Lady Holder but her half-brother Larad. He had made arrangements, to Holder Derabal, to marry Thella of Telgar. after that fell apart, Larad send a younger not named half-sister to him.

He wasn't good after then Weyrleader F'lon, by Gifflen, and injured Robinton at his gather in front of his son, Larad. He is the one to give Robinton Big Black a runnerbeast that Lord Kale like, for his return trip to his hall.

Personality and Traits

He is a hard working Lord Holder. He took care of people that are beholden to him.


Additional Information

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