Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
Printer Hall
Spouse Rosheen
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

Harper Scribe Printer


He was at Telgar Hold, one of four harpers that came with Robinton for the wedding of Lord Asgenar and the half-sister of Lord Larad. Later on he was called to be an entertainer for Kylara. After the discovery of AIVAS, he was there to record the meeting at Landing.

When AIVAS, wanted the Harper Hall to build the first printing press, his carving was noted by him. When the new Printer Hall were established, he was picked to lead the new hall.

His office was not faced so if he could tell if a dragon took off from from the firehights of Keroon Hold, he was unsure of the new Lord Holder.

Noting that Tagetarl might be at risk from the Abominators since his Hall printed a large number of leaflets with facts about the «Fireball Flood», and the Abominators use rumors to recruit followers, it was safe. For Pinch had brought the fire retardant, that Piemur found in the files.


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