T'ron from "The People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrleader
Dragon Bronze Fidranth
Era Eighth Pass
Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
Southern Weyr
Spouse Mardra (Weyrmate}
First appearance Dragonflight

Fort Weyr Shield Southern Weyr Shield


Eighth Pass

Not much is known of T'ron's early life. Born at some point during the Eighth Pass, T'ron impressed bronze Fidranth in his youth, and became the Weyrleader at Fort Weyr. His weyrmate was Mardra; the Senior Weyrwoman at Fort Weyr and the rider of gold Loranth.

During the first year of the Eighth Interval,

Ninth Pass

T'ron's relationship with Mardra became weaker as the turns went on. Knowing that the other Weyrleaders would force him to make T'kul step down as Weyrleader, T'ron ultimately decided to kill F'lar to remove the

Clothing himself in wher-hide and arming himself with a large blade, T'ron attended the marriage of Lord Asgenar and Lady Famira(?) at Telgar Hold, with the intention of starting a fight with the Benden Weyrleader. When Mastersmith Fandarel's long-distance writing machine reported Thread falling unexpectedly over (), F'lar rushed to aid G'narish in flying the fall. T'ron used this

Despite initially having the upper hand, T'ron was defeated by F'lar, who stabbed him non-fatally in the chest. T'ron collapsed, unconcious, and F'lar issued an ultimatum; all who did not wish to recognise his authority were to be banished to the Southern Continent. F'lar then attempted to remove the wher-hide from the unconscious T'ron to wear himself as he was planning to fly the unexpected threadfall.

Exile to Southern Weyr and Death

Following the outcome of the battle, T'ron was transported Between to Southern Weyr; wrapped in (hide?) so as not to aggravate his injury.

Dragondrums lists T'kul as Weyrleader, yet The White Dragon and Renegades of Pern state T'ron was Weyrleader shortly before the events of each. This could be an inconsistency, but it could also suggest that T'ron and T'kul alternated as Southern Weyrleader.

T'ron died before the fifteenth turn of the Ninth Pass, although news of his death evidently wasn't reported outside the Southern Continent; when dragonriders acting under T'kul's orders abducted Ramoth's queen egg from a clutch at Benden Weyr, the assembled Weyrleaders initially imagined T'ron and Mardra were responsible and attempting to exact revenge on Benden Weyr.

Appearance, personality and traits

The Dragonriders of Pern board game depicts T'ron with black hair, while the graphic novel adaption of Dragonflight depicts him with greying brown hair, brown eyes and a slightly wrinkled face.

T'ton or T'ron?

When first introduced in Dragonflight, T'ton was the name of the Fort Weyrleader at the end of the Eighth Pass who travelled forward to the Ninth Pass with the inhabitants of Fort Weyr. Some eight turns later, his name was given as T'ron. This could either be an inconsistency between novels, or it could be that T'ton changed his name for some reason — for example, there may have been another rider with the same name — at some point during the eight turns between Dragonflight and Dragonquest.

Interestingly, in Renegades of Pern, Lord Toric of Southern Hold uses both names to refer to the dragonrider; using T'ton when remembering his arrival in the Ninth Pass, and T'ron when thinking of recent events surrounding the Oldtimers. D'ram and F'lar also refer to him as «T'ton» in All the Weyrs of Pern. This supports the theory that T'ron changed his name some time after arriving in the Ninth Pass, although of course this too could be an inconsistency between novels.