Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Wingleader
Dragon Bronze Orth
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
Southern Weyr
High Reaches Weyr
Spouse Kylara (weyrmate)
Pilgra (weyrmate)
Children Posible T'kil (son)
First appearance Dragonflight

Benden Weyr Shield Southern Weyr Shield High Reaches Weyr Shield

T'bor was a bronze rider at Benden Weyr at the beginning of the Ninth Pass. He was one of the bronzeriders sent back with Kylara to the Southern Continent ten Turns previously, in the breeding colony that became Southern Weyr.

Ramoth actually prefered his dragon to Mnementh, and, had things gone a little differently, he might've become Weyrleader of Benden.


Early Life

Southern Weyr

High Reaches Weyr

Later Years

After the conclusion of Project: Overkill, T'bor told F'lar he wished to step down as Weyrleader and retire to Southern. F'lar agreed, but planned to keep him on until after the Ninth Pass ended.

Since M'rand had replaced T'bor as High Reaches Weyrleader by Skies of Pern, this could suggest that either F'lar gave in and let T'bor retire, T'bor retired of his own accord or was outflown in one of Segrith's Mating Flights, or was killed in a Threadfall.

Personality and Traits


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