The StarCraft Hall changed from the College at Fort Hold by the First Pass Second Interval The first was at Landing and Honshu Stake till the move North, see Second Crossing.


After Landing-First Interval History

Also known as astronomers Kenjo Fusaiyuki, Ezra Keroon, Zi Ongola and Jim Tillek, along with others started to track the Red Star after the first thread fall. Second Crossing Fort Hold and College.

Six Pass

In order to check the alignment, for the timed jump to autumn Ista Island, B'lerion, used the charts to have positive coordinates and the plantations at Nerat Hold.

Ninth Pass History

After Landing was discovers, and AIVAS, printout the light of the one at Cove Hold, which is supported by tithing Landing Three were to be used, at Telgar Hold, Far Western Continent, and Ruatha Hold

Masters & Staff

Rank stone is a Black Ista Diamond in Ninth Pass

First Pass

Landing-Fort Hold

First Interval/Second Pass

Ninth Pass

Reestablish seven turn

Star Hall Inhabitants

Note: This section does not list characters who later became Masters; they are already listed above. Or groups that know about stars

First Pass

First Interval

Used on the see the three Colony Ships as the Dawn Sisters (mention)

Second Interval/Third Pass

  • Desert Traders

Ninth Pass


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