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Southern Weyr, as the name implies, lies in the Southern Continent of Pern. It was the first Weyr to be established on Pern after more than two thousand years; when Eastern Weyr was briefly established on the eastern half of the Far Western Continent.



When Kylara managed to impress Prideth of Ramoth's first clutch, F'lar sent Kylara and Prideth ten turns back with the younger dragonriders of the Weyr, plus bronzerider T'bor and his half-brother F'nor to give them time to mature and rise to mate. F'lar's aim was to allow Prideth and Ramoth to refill the empty weyrs.

While this plan was unsuccessful in its intent due to the lack of time before the return of Thread it did become a place of rest and recovery for dragon riders wounded in battle against the Thread due to the fact that the Southern Continent was protected by the grubs engineered by Ted Tubberman, and as such didn't require Thread to be destroyed.

T'bor remained Weyrleader of Southern with Kylara as his Weyrwoman from its foundation until the two were relocated to High Reaches Weyr. After a battle for superiority over Pern between T'ron, Weyrleader of Fort Weyr and F'lar, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr ended with F'lar victorious, the Benden Weyrleader issued an ultimatum; all who did not recognise his authority were to be banished to the Southern Continent. The former riders of Southern Weyr were thus relocated to High Reaches Weyr, which was largely empty after the majority of its inhabitants moved south.

Banishment of "Oldtimers"

Many dragons and their riders, along with "their women" - presumably Weyrmates and Lower Cavern staff - ultimately took up lodgings in Southern Weyr. Their numbers are known to have included;

Unfortunately, the exact number of dragonriders is not known, due to the various sources being inconsistent; The White Dragon lists seventy riders going south, with R'mart contradicting this by counting recent deaths and estimating two hundred and forty eight remain, while Piemur in Dragondrums; which takes place five years prior, estimates the same number initially going south.

Misfortune fell repeatedly for the "Oldtimers"; in the first turn south, seventeen of their number accepted F'lar as leader and returned north. Next, forty died from old age and sicknesses such as fire-head. Another forty had reportedly died by the events of Dragondrums. A trade of fire-lizard eggs for goods briefly existed between the Weyr and Nabol Hold in the north, but this ended with the death of Lord Meron.

During this time, Mardra of Fort Weyr was the Senior Weyrwoman of Southern Weyr. Leadership appeared to alternate between T'ron and T'kul; with the former High Reaches Weyrleader being in charge during the events of Dragondrums, but T'ron being in control shortly before the events of The White Dragon.

By the time of The White Dragon; some seven turns after they had been banished, all the green riders had perished, only five bronzes remained, and only Loranth and one other queen remained alive; though they no longer rose to mate. D'ram of Ista Weyr considered it unlikely that they would last another year; Eight dragons had died the previous turn, one of whom was likely T'ron, as T'kul declared himself Weyrleader around this time as a result.

Prompted by the lust of the dragons of the Weyr, T'kul and a majority of the dragons of the Weyr practised timing; planning to kidnap a Queen Egg from an upcoming Hatching at Benden Weyr and hide it at an obscure moment in time. This was kept secret from the surviving Weyrwomen, as T'kul knew they would be unwilling to give up their positions to a younger queenrider.

Although they succeeded in abducting the queen egg, the white dragon Ruth was alerted to the secret location used by the Oldtimers by several fire-lizards who had witnessed the egg, and he and his rider Jaxom timed it back to the Oldtimers' hideout to retrieve the egg.

Soon afterwards, T'kul attempted one final mad feat; attempting to become Weyrleader of Ista Weyr by joining the Mating Flight along with B'zon, another Oldtimer. T'kul also had a hidden agenda; knowing that his elderly dragon Salth would likely overexert himself to death, he planned to attack and kill F'lar in the mad rage that would consume him. Over the course of the Mating Flight, Salth burst his heart, and T'kul attacked F'lar, although the Benden Weyrleader succeeded in killing his opponent.

Re-establishment & Move

Following this, D'ram, who had stepped down as Ista Weyrleader, was sent to Southern Weyr as acting Weyrleader to re-establish the Weyr. He gradually began bringing in new dragons from the other Weyrs. In time, Southern Weyr was a thriving Weyr again, and D'ram was succeeded in his post by K'van, who became Weyrleader after his dragon Heth mated with Beljeth, the queen dragon of Aldrea; the new Weyrwoman.

After the events of Dolphins of Pern, Southern Weyr is known to have relocated to a new location that was "previously unoccupied".

Weyr Features


After the events of Dolphins of Pern, Southern Weyr is known to have relocated to a new location that was "previously unoccupied". This location has not been named as of Skies of Pern, which means it is currently unknown where the Weyr is.

Since Xanadu Stake was considered as a location for a ninth Weyr during the events of All the Weyrs of Pern, but hasn't been mentioned since, this could suggest Southern Weyr relocated there. However, as stakes resettled after Landing was rediscovered have used the ancient names, this suggests that Southern has settled in an entirely new location.

Since the name "Southern" Weyr still applies, this suggests that the Weyr is located within the borders of Southern Hold; in the old Delta, Dorado and Ierne Island provinces. Since Weyrleader K'van is often suntanned, this suggests the Weyr is located in the tropical climate zone of Southern; placing it north of the main fork in the Island River and the mines. Although a full list of minor holds is not known, Delta Province is known to be more settled than Dorado Province, which could suggest the Weyr is there.



Second Long Interval

Ninth Pass

Other Notable Southern Residents

Second Long Interval/Ninth Pass


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