Heraldry: On a white field, a bright red Anvil
Hall Information
Continent Northern Continent
Protected by Telgar Hold
Known Masters Fandarel

The Smithcrafthall, located north of Telgar Hold proper, served as a hub for the Smithcraft profession, and was the source for crafted goods of many types, both functional and decorative.


The Crafthall was established in Telgar both for the richness of the local ore and raw materials, and for proximity to the Telgar River. This swift-flowing river, which originated in the Northern Barrier Range and emptied into the Big Bay, was fitted with water wheels which ran the machinery of the Smithcrafters.


The Smithcrafthall consisted initially of a single central building which housed forges and workbenches as well as the Mastersmith's office. Eventually, ever-growing numbers forced the single workshop to flow over into secondary buildings.

The Glassgraft and Woodcraft were offshoots of the Smithcrafthall, and as such each was located in its own building within the complex.[1]


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