The main area of operations has changed over the Turns. For its an out and about craft hall, during the time between Landing and the First Fall.

It started based in Fort Hold after the Second Crossing, by the short story The Ford of Red Hanrahan, its current founder Tarvi Andiyar, had moved to the current site, Telgar Hold


Early on geologist, miner, and mapping. To mine and quarry needed material, convert to ingots to be transportation else were. Some are named after the founder of the mine and are minor holds, other are known by a number. There are technicians, that a work in the different branches.

Masters & Staff

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

Second Interval

Third Pass

Second Long Interval

Eight Interval - Ninth Pass


Ninth Pass

Smith/Hall Inhabitants

Note: This section does not list characters who later became Masters; they are already listed above.

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

Second Interval/Third Pass

  • Cannehir - Smith, Jouneyman, Wood - Crom Hold

Sixth Pass

Second Long Interval / Eight Interval

  • Dowell - Smith, Jouneyman, Wood - Ruatha Hold, Holdless, holder

Ninth Pass


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