Sharra RW
Sharra from "People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Title Lady Holder
Journeywoman/Master Healer
Gender Female
Rank Lady Holder
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation High Palisades Hold
Southern Hold
Ruatha Hold
Healer Hall
Spouse Lord Jaxom
Parent(s) Not named in book
Siblings Brever, Toric, Kevelon, Murda, Hamian
Children Jarrol
Fire-lizard(s) brown Meer and bronze Talla
First appearance Dragondrums
Notable appearance The White Dragon

High Palisades Southern Shield Healer Ruatha Shield


Sharra was the sister of Lord Toric, born near Ista. She married Lord Jaxom of Ruatha and they had two children, Jarrol and Shawan.

Southern Continent

She met Piemur while gathering numbweed and brought him back to Southern Hold. She has two fire lizards, brown Meer and bronze Talla. She is an accomplished Healer and nurses Jaxom out of his firehead fever. Sharra also has the ability to communicate with Ruth, which allowed Jaxom to rescue her when she was kidnapped by her brother who did not favor an alliance with Ruatha.


After she informed Hamian of AIVAS, he collaborated with the computer to redevelop plastic.

She is very interested in biology and does a lot of bacterial work with AIVAS, including dissecting the Thread ovoid that Piemur's queen, Farli, captured.  She is grateful for the skills she learned in order to save a journeyman weaver hand just before the Fire Ball impact. She used that ability to contact Ruth, and have the hold fire lizards attack, the Abominators, and chase them outside, and Ruth told her Fort dragons come.

Appearance and personality

Kind, understanding, stubborn and willing to learn new skills and use them, she is very clever and can see through many aspects of any issue, including her brother's. Toric, She has a sister, Murda, and another brother who is a Master Smith, Hamian.


Additional Information

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