Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman GlassSmith
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Glasscraft
Parent(s) MasterGlassSmith Norist (father)
First appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

Shankolin was a journeyman of the Glass-smith Hall and the son of its former Craftmaster, Norist. He became involved in the Abominator movement during the Ninth Pass, which condemned the ancient computer system AIVAS and all of its works as "the Abomination".

Shankolin was tasked by his father to lead a band of Glasscrafters and mercenaries from Bitra Hold to attacked the AIVAS facility at Landing with the intent of destroying it; in response, AIVAS unleashed sonic defenses which deafened and disabled the men. The mercenaries were exiled to the mines of Crom Hold as punishment. Norist himself would be sent into exile along with two Lord Holders following their attempt to abduct Masterharper Robinton.

Years after AIVAS' deactivation, Shankolin escaped from the Crom mines during a meteor impact, and rallied the Abominators to attack the Healer Hall and the Printer Hall, both considered emblems of "the Abomination". He was known in the Abominator movement only as "Fifth", one of seven leaders of the movement. With the assistance of Toric, the Lord Holder of Southern, Shankolin was able to get inside the Admin building and approach AIVAS itself. He did not get far; though the artificial intelligence had "died" years before, AIVAS' records recognized Shankolin as one of the attackers it had deafened in the first attack, and this time struck with lethal force, firing a pair of lasers that killed Shankolin on the spot.


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