Vital statistics
Title Dragonrider
Hold watch dragonrider
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Green Betunth
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Southern Weyr
High Reaches Weyr
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance Dragonquest

Southern Weyr Shield High Reaches Weyr Shield


He was the Hold Watch Rider that brought Kylara back from Nabol Hold and reported that her color was too close to fight, golden Pridith to the hold to kegs to get fresh water, after the move from Southern Weyr to High Reaches Weyr, she took her pleasure with Lord Meron, setting her queen off, with the mating flight over the hold, of Wenreth

He saw her go blood the prized beast of the hold watching for her, when she did come out. He when looking for her. And tried to stop it, by this time he knew it was to late, so he and his dragon Betunth when to Fort Weyr for aid.

He said that he nor his green wanted to station there, after that.


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