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Dolphineer Rubicon River


Rubicon High Reaches Hold lies on Pern's southern coast in a group of sea worn caves open to the Southern Sea, along the Rubicon River, that Readis, spotted once from the Fair Winds (Ship).

In the long boats off the deck of Dawn Sisters and Fair Winds (Ship), the Dolphins Pods were talking to humans. Benden Weyrleaders, Lord Holder Ranrel not Oterel,  MasterHarper Sebell, to and The Tillek,  at her request, to create the new Dolphin Hall and Rubicon River Hold, the both ships


Founded by Readis, and the start of a small holding an a new crafthall for Dolphineer its protected by Monaco Bay Weyr, and young T'lion got his OK to spend time helping there.

Known Holders

 Pod based in this area

  • Cal Pod Leader, female


 Location Inconsistencies


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