Being an adventure game, Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern has multiple quests. Some quests are part of the main plotline and other quests extend the background of the game. Complete a quest gives a reward of strength or knowledge or charisma.

There are 203 quests in the game : 11 quests reward strength, 99 quests reward knowledge and 93 quests reward charisma.

Strength Quest

  • Jumping : 5 points
  • Pushing : 10 points
  • Defeating tunnel snake : 20 points
  • Sparring with WingSecond : 40 points
  • Duelled with WingSecond : 40 points
  • Defeated Wingsecond : 40 points
  • Defeating wherry : 50 points
  • Defeating cave dog : 60 points
  • Defeating smuggler : 80 points
  • Defeating feline : 100 points
  • Defeating guard : 120 points


  • Although the number of quests for strength reward is stupidly low, you can repeat some several times.
  • The less obvious quest is to talk to everyone in the game.
  • The most obvious quest is to find potential Weyrwoman for the Gold Egg.

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