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To create a Pern related article, type a title in the box below, and click Create article. But before you do, please check if the article already exists on a different name.

Pern Wiki Projects
Pern Wiki Projects are a new feature of the Pern Wiki, with the aim of improving selected major articles through collaborative effort. The aim of each project will be to target an article, and thoroughly rework and improve it, bringing it up to the highest possible quality with the intention of highlighting it as a featured article. Through collaborative effort, working on major articles will not seem like an impossible feat as tasks can be delegated to project members to complete and review as part of a larger whole.
To do list
  1. Create all appropriate pages, listed at wanted pages.
  2. Rewrite, expand and generally improve all articles on the Books and Character pages of each entry in the Pern Series.
  3. Expand all stubs and articles to be expanded
  4. Make sure every article is up to par with the Layout guide (Admins need to first create this guide!!).
  5. Continue to expand the Glossary entries.
Active user list
This is a list of active users on the Community Portal. Not on the list? Feel free to add yourself!

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