Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Blue Ormonth
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
Spouse weymate M'leng
First appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye
Notable appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye

Telgar Weyr Shield


We first see him during the flyover demonstration, over Fort Hold, he took a spill off his blue Ormonth who was miming a wounded wing, before his Weyrleader K'vin could sent him the order, lucky he was equipped with the long Fighting Straps, harnesses and that K'vin was looking up at that moment, his dragon Charanth was so good on the wing, he would nursing broken or bruised ankles, if he wasn't good.

K'van told him to look at his dragon, for starling him, as he waved and un cliped his end of the straps still connect him to his dragon. K'van snapped one of his own straps to his belt, they landed beyond the Teacher College and Infirmary.

While rolling up the long straps, his weymate, chewed him out more then their Weyrleader did. for «Putting my heart were my mouth was» his show remorse, for that.

He and his dragon saved Iantine, from the woodman hold.

He was watching T'dam his dragon in the 'first aid' for dragons that Iantine's sketched, that he knew he was listen to the what was being told to them. Both M'lang and Trader Jol, like it both.

Personality and traits

He had blue eyes, young, and very brash, he wanted to proved it.

Want to show his real bravery to his weyrmate M'ling, that why after the lions attached, them. He tried to get into the First Fall fighting wings, but was grounded by K'van.