Vital statistics
Title WherMaster
Gender Female
Rank Wher handler
Wher Master
Dragon Watch-wher green Nuelsk
Watch-wher gold Nuellask
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Minercraft
Camp Natalon
Nuella's Wherhold
Spouse Zenor
Parent(s) Natalon
Siblings Dalor (twin)
First appearance Dragon's Kin
Notable appearance Dragonheart

BlankHold BlankHold


She was born with normal sight but by three turns, she had lost it, now she sees in splotches, and is blind. Her father's mother was blind, that's why at first her father hid her. from his uncle Tarik, who wanted to be head of the camp and would say spiteful things, if he knew about her.

Appearance and Personality

She has blond hair, and blue eyes like her brother, very stubborn


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