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Nerat Hold is one of the Major Holds in the Northern Continent. Occupies the Nerat peninsula on the southeast of Northern Continent's. It bordered on the north Benden Hold and Keroon Hold to the west by Nerat Bay. Benden Weyr fights Threadfall over Nerat Hold, Ista Weyr flies Thread over the southern portion of the Hold.


A detailed description of the Hold, established, the surrounding countryside, the economy and the other (on the basis of the The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern)

Minor Holds and Crafthalls

Nerat Hold is also home to the Farmcrafthall.


First Pass / First Interval

Not mentioned in the books.

First Interval / Second Pass

Second Interval / Third Pass

  • Dynast:
  • Other holders:

Sixth Pass

  • Dynast: Lord Gram.
  • Other holders:

Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass

Additional Information

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