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Nerat Shield
Nerat Hold occupies the Nerat Peninsula on Pern's East Coast, south of Benden Hold. It is separated from Keroon Hold to the west by Nerat Bay. With its extensive coastlines on both the ocean and the bay, fish are Nerat Hold's main product. It is under the protection of Ista Weyr.

Minor Holds


Nerat is the largest peninsula on the Northern Continent's east coast. It's southerly position means it has a tropical climate, and as a result it boasts large, lush jungles.


As a peninsula, Nerat boasts an extensive coastline. As such, fish are one of its most important products. A tropical climate also results in vast rainforests, another valuable natural resource. However, these are difficult to protect from Thread, so during Passes Nerat's economy suffered more than many of its neighbours'.

Lords Holder

Ninth Pass

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