Benden Weyr Shield

Nemorth was the golden Queen of Benden Weyr previous to Ramoth. She impressed Jora, a Weyrwoman famed for her incompetence, which Nemorth mirrored.


Nemorth was often allowed by Jora to gorge herself so she wasn't considered notably healthy or robust for a dragon queen. Her clutches were small by dragon standards with the average for Nemorth being a scarce dozen. Her successor and issue, Ramoth, produced over three times what amounted to Nemorth's typical clutch.

Her last clutch, by R'gul's Hath, contained Ramoth's golden egg. The result of Nemorth's lack luster productivity could be a result of Jora's poor management. The dragons' riders often cite that the longer the mating flight lasted the more productive the clutch will be. It isn't at all unlikely that instead of blooding her kill Nemorth was allowed to gorge with impunity resulting in short mating flights and therefore poor results.

At the time Lessa was brought to the clutch for Impression Nemorth was already dead or dying as Lessa noticed the golden bulk of their deceased mother at the time of the hatching.

It is not known what happened to Nemorth after this; whether she managed to go between or not — Anne McCaffrey later revealed in an interview that she had «forgotten about Nemorth». If she died on the Hatching Grounds, it can be assumed that her body was interred between by thedragons, similar to how eggs that fail to hatch are taken between. According to this source, Anne McCaffrey later confirmed this theory.

Personality and traits

She was hard to control for mating flights; sluggish


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