N'ton and Tris
From "People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrleader
Dragon bronze Lioth
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Nabol Hold
Benden Weyr
Fort Weyr
Fire-lizard(s) brown Tris
First appearance Dragonflight

Nabol Shield Benden Weyr Shield Fort Weyr Shield

N'ton was a dragonrider and Weyrleader during the Ninth Pass.


N'ton, rider of bronze Lioth, was a craftbred boy brought in on one of F'lar's first Searches to Benden Weyr. Search by F'nor, from Nabol Hold.

His father was a tanner, now he understand better about fighting leathers.

He was placed as a Fort Weyr wingleader under acting Weyrleader P'zar. When the next Fort Weyr queen rose to mate, Lioth caught her, making N'ton the new Weyrleader.

Appearance and Personality

He is referenced in several books as «the epitome of dragonriders», with broad shoulders, an easy manner, and slightly curly hair.


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