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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Craftmaster, Glass Smith
Master glass-smith
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Glass smith Hall
First appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

A Master Smith from Ista Island during the Ninth Pass, he was instrumental in bringing glass making technology to Pern.



He was asked by Masterhealer Oldive for help in creating the microscope, a device similar to the one found in Benden Weyr. Morilton was willing to learn from AIVAS on how to improve glass, and thus embarked on a series of trial-and-error attempts at improving and modernizing Pernese glassmaking. He had a workshop in Landing with a connection to AIVAS to have instructions given directly to him.

At the special meeting at Ruatha Hold when, then Masterglassman Norist was stripped of rank and exiled to an island in Eastern Ring Islands, the Craftmaster Concave picked Morilton to lead the Glass-Hall.

The order that he sent to the Healer Hall was smashed during the events of Turns End. Afterwards, his improved glass was used by Masterprinter Tagetarl, since it was hard to break.

Appearance and personality

Open minded and willing to try new things, thus greatly improving his ability to lift the task he was given. Willing to listen to the instructions on making new glass projects using AIVAS files, and had a direct link to AIVAS during the project of moving the Red Star.


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