Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Craftmaster, Glass Smith
Master glass-smith
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Glass smith Hall
First appearance All the Weyrs of Pern


Morilton was a Master GlassSmith from Ista Island, before being promoted to the Craftmaster of the GlassSmith Hall. He was instrumental in bringing updated glass making technology to Pern.


Morilton was a Master in the GlassSmith Hall. Unlike his craftmaster, Norist, Morilton was willing to learn improved glassmaking methods from AIVAS, and began trial-and-error attempts in improving glass making. At MasterHealer Oldive's request, he was involved in helping to recreate the microscope, a device similar to the one found in Benden Weyr. Morilton was eventually given a workshop in Landing that had a connection to AIVAS, allowing for direct instruction. Within this workshop, he also taught the modernized methods to journeymen and apprentices, who assisted in creating glass objects necessary for the elimination of Thread. Morilton's openness to AIVAS's methods, however, put his mastery in jeopardy, as the staunchly anti-AIVAS Norist threatened to disavow his mastery.

Eventually, Norist was discovered to be part of a conspiracy to kidnap retired MasterHarper Robinton, and was put on trial at Ruatha Hold alongside the other conspirators. As Norist was craftmaster, Morilton was the GlassSmithHall's representative, as no one else wished to take the responsibility. After Norist was found guilty, stripped of his rank, and sentenced to exile; Morilton was chosen by the assembled craftmasters to replace Norist as the MasterGlassSmith.

As Craftmaster of the GlassSmithHall, Morilton continued to improve glassmaking. He made a great deal of glass objects for medical purposes. One order sent to a Healer Hall, however, was smashed during a Turnover event, marking the return of the Abominators. Morilton's improved glass was also used in MasterPrinter Tagetarl's hall, as it was difficult to break.

Appearance and personality

Morilton was known for being open-minded and willing to try new things. These qualities led him to assist AIVAS with a number of projects. Glass made by Morilton's methods was known to be much more durable than that of Norist, showing his skill in the new methods.


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