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BlankHold Fisher Dolphineer


This is the was the harbor for the ships that were put together by number from the holds of the colony ships, they checked that the new harbor wall was safe. After the Thanksgiving Gather Earthquake during the landing year.

The cannery, along with the hatchery were also located there, that is were Sorka, and her group took their samples during the Landing Year.

The empty fuel tanks were splashed down near here, after they were clean out Rene Mallibeau, could use them as vats.

Dolphineer and Dolphins

This is were the Dolphins were woke up, having no memories of the trip. This

Jim Tillek send them out to try and find out more information about Thread, but sea life don't keep time.

This is were the Dolphins' Bell was located, which the dolphin rang and rang during the earthquake during the Thanksgiving at Landing. The Dolphineers had a time with the pods.


First Pass

Ninth Pass


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