Benden Weyr Shield

Mnementh (the first M is silent) is a Bronze Dragon in Benden Weyr during the Ninth Pass. Mnementh impressed Fallarnor when he first hatched, like all dragons, and his rider shortened his name to F'lar, as is custom.


Not much is known about Mnementh in his early years, for he was full grown by the time of the first book, Dragonflight. At Ruatha Hold, he asked the Watch-wher qestions. Mnementh did not have much success. When Lessa escaped F'lar Mnementh caught her climbing on the window sill and brought her down so F'lar could tell her about becoming weyr woman someday. Mnementh was able to catch Lessa's Ramoth when she had her first mating flight which resulted in F'lar becoming Weyrleader of Benden. Mnementh was the first dragon that Lessa spoke to when F'lar came to Ruatha Hold looking for the next queen rider.

Personality and traits

Mnementh is the fastest and largest bronze on Pern. He appears to be quite noble and loyal in personality, similar to F'lar. He typically remains calm and stoic, with only a few exceptions (such as fighting Thread, flying to mate, or when he feels F'lar's life is in danger). He has a relationship with F'lar that indicates his intelligence is competing with F'lar's as well as assisting him.


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