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  • And, finally, about of Craft. The total chaos in these articles (their design, categories and lack of many) stops me from modernizing the Main Page - it's unclear where and what links to make. >_<

    The main question is whether it is worth dividing the articles into two types

    1. Article about craft (Beastcraft/Farmercraft/Harpercraft - category only Craft)
    2. Article about the place (Harper Hall/Healer Hall/Smithcrafthall category only Hall included in the categorys of Craft and Place)

    Or do one general article about of Craft, included in the categorys of Craft and Place.

    The second question is whether to keep separate articles about professions (Healer, Dolphiner, etc.) or include them in the description of the Craft. The fact is that some types of crafts and professions are of the same name and / or they can not be described quite completely separately from each other (for example - runners, traders, bakers).

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    • My opinion is that Crafts and Locations should be seperate. Each article on a craft should stick to what the craft is and what it does, and then a list of the known crafters. Then there should be seperate articles for each craft-hall which details where it is, its history and features, and then any prominent residents.

      Each entity would only have to have one main category - "Craft" for the articles on Crafts and "Crafthall" for the articles on Crafthalls.  You would also enter the crafthall's location as a category, but I can't think of another category to add to the Crafts (well, maybe "Original" and "Post-AIVAS" distinction)

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  • Hello!

    I tried and finished the work on the Weyrs to finally start thinking about the structure of the Craft. However, in the process, I suddenly became involved in Geography of Pern. Can you see and evaluate the new look of the list? In the description of the previous one, it was said about the possibility of grouping the list by location and I realized it, as I saw it.

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  • Hello.

    In connection with the change in the appearance of the navigation menu, I see that it is necessary to change the logo: the red color does not look good on the green field and the text logo duplicates the name of the wiki on the right.

    I made some sketches. You can choose one or more and I will work through this option more carefully. If possible - describe why this or that sketch is selected. I will clarify just one thing - the red circle on the logo is added for the visual volume, symbolizes the Red Star and supports the red color of the headings on the Main Page.

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    • The fourth level of the menu is now forbidden to be added by the Fandom rules (any modification of the menu is prohibited by means of CSS or JS).

      I live in the Moscow region, we have 11 am :)

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    • Menu looks good!  

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  • Congratulations to enable Message Wal and Comments Pages at the same time!

    To be mainstream :)

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    • Some communities have had very strong feelings about the Message Walls and Comments.  I have not made the change for several reasons. The main reason is that you apparently lose direct access to all the former Talk Page content.  

      Lets see how this works.

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  • Is this a feature we would want to enable?

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