Vital statistics
Title Lord Holder
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Tillek Hold
Spouse Juvana
Children Nine unnamed in book
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern
Notable appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Tillek Shield Fisher

Melongel was the Lord Holder of Tillek Hold during the Eighth Interval.


He understand the needs of the Fishercraft is a hard worker and didn't think Thread was coming. He made a when on a cruise around the Southern Sea to Nerat Hold, met his wife Juvana, a major Holder’s daughter. He espoused her, and carried her back to his Hold.

He thoroughly understood the needs of that Craft as well as the agriculture and forestry that made Tillek a profitable Hold. He was a fair Holder if ever there was one.

He died of a fever, which was a result of braking almost every bone in his body after a fall from a runnerbeast. It was strongly suspected (but not proven) that the fall was not an accident and that Fax or his men had been behind it (having given the runnerbeast lur-weed to eat).


Additional Information

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