Vital statistics
Title Shunned
Gender male
Rank Miner
Dragon *
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Shunned
First appearance Dragon's Fire
Notable appearance Dragon's Fire


He was a group of miners that worked Firestone Mine # 9, he was Shunned, the mine was only able to get to via dragon back.

He got the easier job of carting out the mined Firestone(Flamestone), to the wooden storage shed, he was to give Tarik water, he would tease him, tossed water in his face as he when back into the mine.

He left a bucket and ladle of of water, near him. He tried to move with his foot it tip over and ran down the tracks into the mine, and hit the cart that was full of firestone (flamestone) into the mine and the whole work shift that inside the mine, minus him.


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