Vital statistics
Gender Male
Dragon Blue Arith
Era Sixth Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
First appearance Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern

Fort Weyr Shield


He was one of the wyerlings that helped Moreta, with the wing repair on Dilenth, the tall one, he was to thread needles of space that Moreta need during her repair of his wing.

His enjoying convening people, he said its good training for his dragon. Leris' favorite pair.

Who blue has the Searching ability, he saw his dragon look closely at Lady Oklina, after retuning to Ruatha Hold after talking to Moreta.

He stops in High Hill Hold and bring Nerilka at the runnerbeast handles and the ornamental glass bottles to Ruatha and helps Moreta to mount. He doesn't want to get in trouble with the Weyrlingmaster for being later to get ready for Fall.

The Weyrlingmaster explain the behave for a Search Dragon.


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