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(was Lytonal and L'tol)
Lytol from "The People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Master Weaver
Lord Warder
Dragon Brown Larth
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
High Reaches Hold
Ruatha Hold
Cove Hold
Spouse Not named in books
Children Three daughters not named in books
First appearance Dragonflight

Benden Weyr Shield High Reaches Shield Weaver Ruatha Shield Cove Hold BlankHold

Lytol was the Lord Warder of Ruatha Hold during the minority of Lord Holder Jaxom.


Lytol was born Lytonal in High Reaches Hold, and was a journeyman in the Weavercrafthall when he was found on Search and impressed brown Larth, taking the name L'tol in the draconic tradition. During the Spring Games, L'tol and Larth were injured by a flaming dragon; L'tol survived with scars to his face, but Larth died soon after. He changed his name again to Lytol and went home to High Reaches, which was under the dominion of Fax.

Warder of Ruatha

After Fax was killed by F'lar at Ruatha, Lytol was named as the guardian of the infant Jaxom and would be the Lord Warder of Ruatha during Jaxom's minority. Lytol taught Jaxom how to eventually run the Hold himself and — after his surprise Impression of Ruth during a Hatching at Benden — how to raise and care for his dragon. During Lytol's tenure as Lord Warder, Ruatha was restored to its former glory, having fallen to poverty during the rule of Fax over his «Seven Holds».

Eventually, Lytol stepped down and turned Ruatha over to its now-adult Lord Holder. In his retirement, Lytol joined D'ram and Robinton at Cove Hold on the Southern Continent.

Custodian of AIVAS

After the rediscovery of AIVAS, Lytol, D'ram and Robinton became its custodians following an attempted sabotage. Lytol became engrossed in the historical files in AIVAS' databanks. Even after retiring as Lord Warder, Lytol remained as an impartial arbiter in the Council of Lord Holders, particularly during matters of succession, such as the dispute over who would succeed Lord Oterel of Tillek, and was present during many discussions involving AIVAS' plan to shift the Red Star, the erratic planet that brought Thread to Pern.

Personality and traits


From «Dragonriders of Pern» Boardgame © 1983 by Mayfair Games Original artwork © by Robin Wood

Lytol, like Robinton, was well-respected by Pernese society — particularly the Lord Holders — for his impartiality and fairness, as well as for his accomplishments as Lord Warder of Ruatha. He was also described as being somewhat pragmatic; at first, Lytol was skeptical of AIVAS' claims to rid Pern of Thread, and was not convinced by Robinton's arguments in favor of that end. D'ram believed that Lytol had had far too many changes in his life (starting as a weaver, then a dragonrider, outliving his dragon, then living in High Reaches during Fax's tyrannical rule, then leading Ruatha during Jaxom's minority) and was unlikely to welcome another.


In Dragonflight Lytol is referred to as a «green rider from S'lel's wing», but in later books his dragon is referred to as brown.


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