• eldest logorides girl and two shwartz boys 209
  • logorides and galliani kids 251
  • Amig - alien race 111
  • Eridani - alien race
  • Vegan alien
  • Donnybrooks 133

NOTES - to be removed once added to appropriate pages.

  • Five stakes destroyed - Oslo deserted 259?
  • Beltrae eridani 177
  • Tuareg camps 164
  • Interesting - Wind Blossom Ping on 133, but Kitti Ping Yung elsewhere. Listed as mother. DB is correct after all.
  • Svenda watched? 160
  • Bavaria 321
  • Firestone is known to make female dragons sterile - queens try once before maturation; either of those could be the reason they aren't affected. More likely the reaction causes the sterilization, and Kitti Ping removed whatever caused that. Except...firelizards aren't affected. Ok, so it's the greens who are.
  • Kwan responsible for Igen Sandworms? 458


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