The Lilcamp Traders were very likely descendents of the family of Joel Lilienkamp, who was one of the original Colonists and Cargomaster of the Pern expedition. The Lilcamp Traders, or Lilcamp Train, perform the valuable service of providing goods to well-established Holds, as well as to the people who cannot reach a Gather to barter for essential goods.


First Pass

Second Pass

Jol Master Trader Traveling Trader[1]

Second Interval/Third Pass

(Mentioned) by the Igen Traders

Ninth Pass


There were holders in the bloodline, in Southern Boll, that would think them as kin. [2] During the transportation of important supplies that they were carting between Smithcrafthalls found the crates missing, they reported to MasterSmith Fandarel who inturn reported to MasterHarper Sebell, that is wasn't the first time it took MasterHarper Mekelroy better known as Pinch. to sort out the problems that were effected by this newest batch of Abominators.

Personality and traits

They all have good memories, hard working.


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