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Lemos Hold is located in the eastern part of the Northern Continent of Pern. It is bordered by Telgar, Igen, Keroon and Bitra Holds.


According to the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Lemos Hold was founded as an off-shoot of Benden Hold by various settlers who had attempted to remain on the Southern Continent during the First Pass. Bart Lemos' children, among others, believed him to be an unsung hero, and the new hold was named after him. Oddly, Bart Lemos was never depicted in a relationship or with children, which could suggest that the details regarding his "children" are wrong. Alternatively, he may have had an illegitimate child who he wasn't involved with or perhaps aided in the upbringing of a child at his stake in Yukon, who came to think of him as a father figure.

Despite this, Lemos is only first identified as a Major Hold in Dragon's Kin; during the late Second Interval. Chronologically earlier novels make no mention of the hold before that point, although it's worth noting that the hold could potentially have existed as a minor holding within another Hold's territory; most likely Bitra's, judging by the environs, but also possibly Benden's.


Forests, not a grain producer, it has many hills and mountain ranges that the rivers are for most part not useable. It was one the first to sowed with grubs in the softwood plantation

Minor Holds

Lemos Hold is also home to at least one Minehold.


The Woodcrafthall is located in Lemos Hold.


Lords Holder

Third Pass

Eighth Interval

Ninth Pass

Notable Lemos Residents

Eighth Interval/Ninth Pass


The correct term for an inhabitant of Lemos is "Lemosan" or "Lemosian".

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