From "People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Dragon White Ruth
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ruatha Hold
Spouse Lady Sharra
Parent(s) Lord Fax
Lady Gemma
Siblings Not named in books
Children Jarrol

Ruatha Shield

Jaxom was Lord Holder of Ruatha and the rider of Ruth during the Ninth Pass. The son of Fax and Lady Gemma, some disputed his right to hold, and there were a number of attempts on his life. He was very actively involved in AIVAS's many projects.

Early Life

Jaxom was born the son of Lady Gemma and Lord Fax, moments before a duel between the latter and the Bronze Rider F'lar, in which Fax was killed. He was then raised by the former Brown Rider, Lytol, who acted as Lord Warder until Jaxom's coming of age. Because of his premature birth and the death of Lady Gemma, he was nursed by his milk mother, Deelan. Dorse, his milk brother, was jealous of the attention Deelan laved on Jaxom and teased the young Lord mercilessly, often forcing Jaxom to hide in the bowels of the hold to escape Dorse's attentions. It was this habit of exploring the innermost recesses of holds that helped Jaxom and Felessan find the hidden rooms in the «old» section of Benden Weyr.


When Jaxom was young, Lytol took him and Felessan to a Benden Hatching. Prior to this, Jaxom and Felessan had gone to take a peek at Ramoth's Clutch, and there Jaxom noticed an egg smaller than all the rest. Jaxom felt sorry for the little egg and gave it a pat. At the Hatching, the little egg did not hatch at first, and Jaxom, seeing that it was rocking, leapt down to the sands to help the dragon break through the tough shell membrane. A white dragon tumbled out, less than half the size of its clutch-mates, and Impressed Jaxom. The dragon's name was Ruth.

Jaxom's unplanned Impression of Ruth caused a great deal of upheaval for the attendant Lord Holders. The Lords Raid of Benden and Sifer of Bitra contended that Jaxom should yield lordship of Ruatha, while Masterharper Robinton and Lord Warder Lytol maintained that Jaxom should remain at Ruatha. Lord Lytol, defending Jaxom's actions and sure that Ruth's days were numbered, stated that Jaxom should stay where his obligations would give meaning to his life after Ruth died. The Masterharper and Lord Lytol prevailed and both Ruth and Jaxom were removed to Ruatha where they prospered.


Jaxom and Sharra

Jaxom and his wife Sharra at Southern

Jaxom married Sharra, sister of Lord Toric, who was Lord Holder of Southern Hold. They had two sons, named Jarrol and Shawan. Through his sire, Fax, he is directly related to the Lord Holders of High Reaches; Lord Bargen is his first cousin once removed.

Jaxom was also related, through his mother Lady Gemma, to Barla and Dowell, former minor holders in Ruatha. Barla and Dowell's son, Pell, was central in an Abominator plot to overthrow and murder Jaxom and replace him with a more amenable Lord Holder. Barla and Dowell's daughter, Aramina, could hear dragons to the point of distraction and, with the help of Trader Jayge Lilcamp, relocated to the Southern Continent where they refounded Paradise River Hold. Their children through Aramina are also his relatives.

He is also related, through his mother Lady Gemma, to Weyrwoman Lessa, as they are both of Ruathan blood, though she renounced her claim to the hold on behalf of her and her son F'lessan. F'lessan's three children could also be considered cousins to Jaxom, through their father's blood.


Jaxom had a large number of friends. He had been boyhood friends with his steward, Brand and the Weyleader of Benden's son F'lessan, and F'lar and Lessa always had a special fondness for the boy considering the role the boy's birth had on their lives. When working in the smith Crafthall, Jaxom met Harpers Menolly and Piemur and Smiths Jancis and Benelek. These all became good friends in his adulthood. As a Lord Holder, he also became associated with the other Lord Holders, Craftmasters and Weyrleaders.


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