Jan Regan
Jan Regan
Vital statistics
Title Senior Dolphineer
Gender Female
Rank Master or Jouneywoman
Era After Landing
First Pass
Affiliation Out and About o.o.a
Monaco Bay Stake
Fort Hold
First appearance Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
Notable appearance The Dolphins' Bell


BlankHold Dolphineer Her partner was Teresa[1]

Personality and traits

She knew a lot about the dolphins, but ignored, technical jargon, during the Evacuation of Landing during the Second Crossing, after Jim Tillek, passed out the plans that he got from Emily Boll, she explain that many loads, and hard work to the Dolphins, Teresa thought this was fun, their type of fun not humans.

Real Life

Jan Regan, dolphineer, "Dolphin's Bell" Named for Anne's late friend Jan Regan (on the right). (Source: People of Pern intro & Anne's webpage photo album) [2] [3] [4]



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