Telgar Weyr Shield

Jalith was a blue dragon of Telgar Weyr in the Second Interval and the Third Pass. His rider was M'rit.


D'gan, Telgar's Weyrleader, thought of them as «oldsters», as they had been inhabitants of the Weyr as far as he could remember — to be precise, when Igen Weyr had been abandoned and he and the other dragonriders had moved to Telgar Weyr.

Jalith was one of the first, if not the first dragon at Telgar Weyr to fall sick with the Dragon Plague. K'rem, Telgar Weyr's Dragonhealer, recommended he be allowed to rest, but D'gan forbade this, believing him and his rider to be shirking their responsiblity as riders, and ordered them to join in training, after which K'rem would be allowed to treat Jalith.

Jalith succumbed to his sickness and went Between several sevendays after this.


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