Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Blue Talith
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Ista Weyr
First appearance Dragonsblood

Ista Weyr Shield


He was the one to bring Kindan and meet M'tal at Abandon Igen Weyr, after the Plage ends, He and his wing timed it to get fresh fruit from the Southern Continent and deliver it to the Red Butte for a sevenday.

Later on when D'vin and Cristov were looking for the right type of firestone, he when a got a sack full of fresh fruit, after they found the test stone, he and D'vin, would crack open the sandstone looking for the green crystal, those they feed their dragons and made flame, His dragon Talith said it was much easier to make and hold flame.

He and K'nad, rider green Narith, were wyermate for over twenty Turns. He was telling the Lord Hold of Lemos Hold, his brother about his passing and meet Lorana, told her that she could give lesson to Ista's Weyr Healer. After seeing the splint that she had made for Grenn, he helped her with her loss of her father, and helped set her on her travels around Pern, via Wind Rider, he gave beaded harness for them, the beadier in Igen gave the idea for pattern.


Unsure when, but he tried to show his mother that he had impress, but his dragon could find that time. Flying in Rock, is what his dragon told her when they timed it to meet the Wind Rider and Captain Tanner.


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