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Ista Weyr is one of the Weyrs of Pern. Located on Ista Island in sea-caves and an extinct caldera, it protects Ista and the surrounding coasts. It is sometimes referred to in song as Ocean Ista.


Ista Weyr Shield
Badge description Ista Weyr, on a bight orange field, a Smoking Mountain in black


Although not an official Weyr, the caldera that would later become Ista Weyr had been used throughout the First Pass as a place for queenriders to take their dragons during mating flights. As a result of overcrowding in Fort Weyr, it was decided in the twentieth year of the First Pass to establish a Weyr at Big Island to protect the settlers there, as well as one at the Telgar mines and another on the east coast where the remaining settlers on the Southern Continent were preparing to move to (the future Telgar Weyr and Benden Weyr, respectively). The location of two more sites was also noted (the future High Reaches Weyr and Igen Weyr).

Benden Weyr was the first of these Weyrs to be occupied. Despite them being planned earlier, historical records indicate Ista and Telgar Weyr were the last two Weyrs to be established. This could be a retcon, although it could be that the dragonriders were later forced to establish High Reaches and Igen Weyrs sooner to protect settler growth in those areas.

Weyr Features


Ista Weyr is one of the smaller Weyrs of Pern. It is believed to have a capacity of four hundred or less dragons, as a result of examining the capacities of the other Weyrs, and gauging this against the three thousand dragon capacity known to exist by the Ninth Pass.

It should be noted that a Weyr's capacity changes over the years, as riders make expansions and carve out new Weyrs for themselves. For example, the capacity of all Pern's Weyrs went from 2300 Dragons in the Sixth Pass to 3000 Dragons in the Eighth and Ninth Passes.


First Interval

Second Interval

Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Eighth Pass/Second Long Interval

Under D'ram and Fanna's leadership, the inhabitants of Ista Weyr went forward in time, leaving the Weyr un-occupied until the Ninth Pass.

Ninth Pass

Other Notable Ista Residents

First Pass

First Interval

Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Eighth Pass/Second Long Interval/Ninth Pass


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