Igen Weyr was the fourth Weyr to be established. It is located in the southern part of the Central Plains of the Northern Continent.

Igen Weyr Shield


During the Second Interval, Igen Weyr was abandoned after its last queen died and its dragons merged with Telgar Weyr. When the Plague and Threadfall injuries threatened to wipe out the dragon population during the Third Pass, Igen Weyr was used by the other Weyrs to bring their weyrlings to maturity by sending them back in time. The weyrlings and support personnel would remain at Igen for several years and then return to their present time to rejoin their weyrs as full grown, fighting dragons.


Founded in the First Interval, after High Reaches Weyr.


It was abandon some time before the Third Pass, due to lack of riders. And a drought at Igen Hold.

After a year of bad tithing and the death of Morene, the last Igen Queenrider, the Igen riders relocated to Telgar Weyr. When the Dragon Plague broke out in the Third Pass, several young riders from Fort Weyr were sent to the abandoned Weyr to grow.


It is not known for certain when Igen Weyr was re-established; at the conclusion of Sky Dragons, it remained unoccupied, but it is likely that it was some time during the Third Pass; given that the large number of dragons hatched on the Great Isle would have had trouble fitting into five Weyrs. In Dragongirl, Cisca suggested that the queen Hatched from Melirth's most recent Mating Flight would become the Senior Queen, but it is not known whether this plan was carried out.

By the Sixth Pass, Igen Weyr was hit bad by the flu,

Weyr Features


It should be noted that a Weyr's capacity changes over the years, as riders make expansions and carve out new Weyrs for themselves. For example, the capacity of all Pern's Weyrs went from 2300 Dragons in the Sixth Pass to 3000 Dragons in the Eighth and Ninth Passes.


First Interval

Second Interval

Third Pass

Igen Weyr was abandoned by the beginning of the Third Pass. The exact date of its re-establishment is not known.

Sixth Pass

Eighth Pass/Second Long Interval

Under G'narish and Nadira's leadership, the inhabitants of Igen Weyr went forward in time, leaving the Weyr un-occupied until the Ninth Pass.

Ninth Pass

Other Notable Igen Residents

First Pass

First Interval

Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Eighth Pass/Second Long Interval/Ninth Pass


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