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Honshu Weyrhold was a stakehold originally founded by one of the original colonists, Kenjo Fusaiyuki. It was a cave system discovered by Tarvi and Sallah Telgar on an exploration mission.



After Kenjo died, Stev Kimmer eventually found the place and married Ita Fusaiyuki, Kenjo's widow. They had several children, none of which liked Kimmer. They were eventually rescued by Ross Benden of the Amherst and taken off planet. Shensu, one of the children, showed the exploration party some of the fuel stored by Kenjo during the original shuttle flights. They used this to fill up their shuttle's tanks and take them off planet. Kimmer secreted five hundred pounds of precious materials on the shuttle, falsely believing he would be poor with only a bag of black diamonds. Kimmer was caught and placed in an airlock as a security measure, and when the crew returned, it was open to space.

Honshu Weyrhold

Honshu Weyrhold Shield

F'lessan of Benden Weyr discovered Honshu during an overflight of the Southern Continent. It was filled with herdbeasts and their feces. Once F'lessan got inside, he found a sled from the Landing days and huge numbers of tools and supplies, including the fuel. Also noticeable were a series of murals painted by Ita Fusaiyuki that depicted the history of the colonists.

Honshu was used as a stayover point by displaced Monaco Bay dragons after the meteor strike.

F'lessan discovered an observatory that, with AIVAS's help, he restored and started skywatching with his Weyrmate, green rider Tai. Honshu was where F'lessan, Tai, and their dragons, Golanth and Zaranth, were attacked by felines and badly wounded. Honshu was also where conscious dragon telekinesis was discovered.

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