High Reaches Weyr Shield
High Reaches Weyr was the built last during the First Pass. High Reaches is the highest in elevation, located in the northwestern mountains of the Northern Continent. It is unique, being in a younger ancient caldera, with seven tall stone spires called the "seven spindles."


It was mention by Sean Connell to Sorka Hanrahan, when Benden Weyr is founded along with two other sites[1]

According to Dragon's Fire, High Reaches Weyr got its name from the seven spindles, which suggests that the Weyr was established before High Reaches Hold was.

Weyr Features

There are a few shafts for the stone cutter were used up by end of First Pass, more importantly was the creations of the heating system for the Hatching Ground.


It should be noted that a Weyr's capacity changes over the years, as riders make expansions and carve out new Weyrs for themselves. For example, the capacity of all Pern's Weyrs went from 2300 Dragons in the Sixth Pass to 3000 Dragons in the Eighth and Ninth Passes.


First Interval / Second Pass

Second Interval

Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Eighth Pass/Second Long Interval

Under T'kul and Merika's leadership, the inhabitants of High Reaches Weyr went forward in time, leaving the Weyr un-occupied until the Ninth Pass.

Ninth Pass

Other Notable High Reaches Residents

First Pass

First Interval

Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Eighth Pass/Second Long Interval

Ninth Pass


There is an describe healer journeyman, but not named in the book, who was of the Wyer, when Moreta treated Tamianth during the Sixth Pass.



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