Healer Hall
Healer, On a white field a purple Caduceus
Hall Information
Continent Southern
Era Founded After Landing
The Healer Hall at Fort Hold is a central location in Anne McCaffrey's Chronicles of Pern.


The Healer Hall started out as wards for the Fever Year[1] at first, and was called the College and Infirmary [2] The earliest healers were trained at an infirmary at Landing, in such fields as midwifery, surgery, and first aid. [3]

The Healer Hall was one of the worst victims of the gradual loss of technology Pern suffered over the years. They would lose the ability to perform most surgeries and to identify and treat illnesses using scientific methods. However, they developed excellent preventative measures, and made excellent use of native plants. However, the discovery of AIVAS in the Ninth Pass allowed the Healers to revive many lost techniques from the AI's memory banks, including surgical techniques, bacterial identification and the production of antibiotics. These techniques would result in many lives being saved over the years, as cures were rediscovered for many conditions that were historically fatal.


The Healer Hall serves as the main provider of medical care on Pern. They maintain halls and healers in most of Pern, though the main Hall is located in Fort Hold.

Masters & Staff

First Pass

First Interval



Second Pass

Second Interval

Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Senior Master

Second Long Interval / Eight Interval

Ninth Pass

Senior Master

Healers/Hall Inhabitants

Note: This section does not list characters who later became Masters; they are already listed above.

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Second Long Interval

Eight Interval

  • Clostan [10]- Master Healer - Tillek Hold
  • Lotricia -started training but stopped when Lobirn was transferred High Reaches Hold
  • Betrice - Journeyman Healer/midwife spouse is Gennell Healer/Harper Hall.
  • Germathen Master Healer
  • Laela - Healer's assistant at Southern Boll Hold, help Saretta
  • Saretta - Healer at Southern Boll Jouney rank or Master

Ninth Pass

Anne McCaffrey combines the roles of teachers, historians, lawyers, diplomats and musicians into the guild of Healers on the planet Pern. Under the leadership of the MasterHealer , such as MasterHarper Oldive of the Ninth Pass, the healer try and rediscover better way to help folks, They often sent messages to the Hall via the Drum Hights, Being spread throughout the various settlements, harpers see and hear much, and report back to the Harper Hall.[12]

McCaffrey explores the theme of history and legend in her Pern prequels, which include discussions about the loss of technology and skills in the colony. The Healer Hall is located at Fort Hold, the first Hold established in the northern hemisphere after the Second Crossing. It was initially known as the College, and was the central training point for medical and teaching personnel. As the level of technology dropped, the community struggled to justify training personnel to use techniques that could no longer be utilized, including genetics and computer science.[13] The battle for survival under the onslaught of Thread demanded a reorganisation of priorities. The decision was then made to utilise music as an easy medium to teach and communicate within the low-tech society.[14] The theme of tradition, which runs throughout McCaffrey's writing, is based on Teaching Ballads and Sagas taught by the Harper Hall to all Pernese.[15]


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