Harper Hall
Hall Information
Continent Northern Continent
Era Founded First Interval
Protected by Fort Weyr
Known Masters Robinton


Located at Fort Hold, the Harper Hall is the home to the Harper Craft and is a central location in Anne McCaffrey's Chronicles of Pern.


McCaffrey explores the theme of history and legend in her Pern prequels, which include discussions about the loss of technology and skills in the colony. The Harper Hall is located at Fort Hold, the first Hold established in the northern hemisphere after the Second Crossing. It was initially known as the College, and was the central training point for medical and teaching personnel. As the level of technology dropped, the community struggled to justify training personnel to use techniques that could no longer be utilized, including genetics and computer science.[1]
The battle for survival under the onslaught of Thread demanded a reorganization of priorities. The decision was then made to utilise music as an easy medium to teach and communicate within the low-tech society.[2]
The theme of tradition, which runs throughout McCaffrey's writing, is based on Teaching Ballads and Sagas taught by the Harper Hall to all Pernese.[3]


Initially established at Landing, it was relocated to Fort Hold after the Second Crossing

Masters and staff

Before Thread at Landing

First Pass / Early First Interval

Senior Teachers

Late First Interval/Second Pass

Senior Teachers

Second Interval

Senior Harpers
  • Voice Master
Early Zist then
Later Biddie

Zist MasterHarper

Senior Harpers

Third Pass

Zist MasterHarper Senior Harpers

Sixth Pass

Senior Harpers

Eighth Pass

Second Long Interval

Ninth Pass

Harpers/Hall Inhabitants

Note: This section does not list characters who later became Masters; they are already listed above.

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass


Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Second Long Interval

Ninth Pass


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