Vital statistics
Title Master Smith
Plastic Smith
Gender Male
Rank Master Smith
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation High Palisades Hold
Southern Hold
Parent(s) Not Mentioned in book
Siblings Brever, Toric, Kevelon, Murda, Sharra
Notable appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

High Palisades Southern Shield Smith Plastic


He is the younger brother of Toric, and Sharra, both who were born and raise at High Palisades Hold of the coast of Ista Island.

He helped his brother establish Southern Hold, he was a smithcraft, that return to Telgar to get his Mastery after three turns. He came back via Master Rampesi Bay Lady, and brought a Master Miner and journeyfolks, to open the mines at Southern Hold, he took Piemur with him to map the new hold site and land route to the mine.

Its was his sister who told him about AIVAS, he has to push aside rank happy Esselin in order to get in, and after Robinton and D'ram became Warders of AVIS, he asked about creating plastic and what education would be needed to learn Plasic

He was the one ask him about starting back up a Plastic hall.