Hall Information
Continent Northern
Era Founded First Interval
Second Pass
Protected by Not Mention in Books
Known Masters Domaize

Scribe Woodcraft BlankCraft

Info and Skills

Independent or Minor Hall[1]

  • Portraiture
  • Landscapes
  • Icons and shields
  • Murals
  • Drafting
  • Architectural drawing
  • Woodworking [2]


Large barn of a building in Keroon Hold, they season their own wood, for Portraiture

Using Skybroom

Skybroom tree/wood: tree from which skybroom wood comes. Skybroom wood was expensive. It was preferred in the making of panels for paintings, you can remove unwanted images from them, They had to be very thin, and well seasoned to handle the dampness.[3] Like in Bitra Hold

There is a book that was created by Lesnour

Part of the training is knowing learning of names of important persons at every Hold, Weyr and Hall[4]

Masters & Staff

Note: This section does not list characters who later became Masters; they are already listed below.

First Interval/Second Pass

Artist/Hall Inhabitants

  • Iantine Journeyman Artist specializing in portraiture
  • Macartor Journeyman Artist
  • Ussie Journeyman Artist
  • Chomas Journeyman Artist, Woodworking


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